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Landlords of cellular and billboard leases often ask how and even why we do what we do.

Your cellular or billboard tenant has a team of experienced real estate, finance, and legal consultants working to protect their interests. Shouldn’t you have a team with the same experience working to protect yours?

At Lease Advisors, our clients’ priorities and financial goals are always top of mind. We take the time to review your lease economics and understand your financial goals to ensure that the services we recommend are custom-tailored to your specific needs. Through the acquisition of leases like yours, we have acquired a diverse portfolio of assets that allow us to absorb the risks of lease ownership so that you never have to.

In an industry where a number of variables from the economic climate, to industry consolidation and changing technology can affect the life of your lease, Lease Advisors offers financial services that help our clients secure future lease income today.
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Lease Advisors
Lease Advisors is the premier cell tower lease consultancy firm in the world, offering the most competitive payouts for cellular site buyout and billboard lease buyout transactions. Our lease consultants work exclusively with cellular and billboard lease owners, assisting them with cellular lease acquisitions, billboard lease acquisitions, consultations, negotiations, and various other issues that accompany owning a lease asset. Our firm prides itself on our extensive experience and knowledge of the ground lease market, and an unyielding commitment to quality service and maximum value for our clients.
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