The Team

We have decades of combined experience serving the needs of telecom and billboard leaseowners.

In 2014 Lease Advisors partnered with InSite Wireless Group, LLC. This collaboration of one of the largest tower companies in the United States, with the nation’s leading lease acquisition firm has created one of the industry’s strongest joint ventures. Now in addition to offering the most competitive pricing for lease buyouts, Lease Advisors and its clients benefit from InSite’s decades of experience owning, managing, and operating wireless communications sites.

Our executive team is comprised of industry veterans with years of real estate, finance, and legal expertise. We are proud to leverage these diverse professional backgrounds to provide the most efficient financial services and the most effective partnerships for our clients.

  • Seth Aiken
    Sr. Director of Acquisitions
  • Andrew Amick
    Assoc. Mgr., Data Research
  • Brian Broussard
    Director of Acquisitions
  • Evelyn Castaneda
    Transaction Coordinator
  • Yariel Chiong
    Sr. Dir. Info. Systems
  • Andrew J. Corkern
    Managing Director
  • Michael Garcia
    Transaction Manager
  • Paula Goche
    Transaction Manager
  • Kimberlee Isaacs
    Sr. Director of Operations
  • Rob Korman
    Sr. VP of Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Keith Larson
    Sr. VP of Acquisitions
  • Landon Lee
    Chief Operating Officer
  • Tony Louis
    Director of Acquisitions
  • Brian Marsh
    Senior Financial Analyst
  • Dustin McGee
    Director of Acquisitions
  • Richard Portugal
    Director of Acquisitions
  • Brittany Rachal
    Operations Associate
  • Aaron Rink
    Sr. Director of Acquisitions
  • Randy Roa
    VP of Acquisitions
  • Jarred D. Saba
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Shannyn Strebe
    Sales Coordinator
  • Jonathan Swinford
    Senior Director of Acquisitions
  • Noel Thompson
    Sr. Director of Acquisitions
  • Seth A. Trejo, Esq.
    General Counsel
Lease Advisors
Lease Advisors is the premier cell tower lease consultancy firm in the world, offering the most competitive payouts for cellular site buyout and billboard lease buyout transactions. Our lease consultants work exclusively with cellular and billboard lease owners, assisting them with cellular lease acquisitions, billboard lease acquisitions, consultations, negotiations, and various other issues that accompany owning a lease asset. Our firm prides itself on our extensive experience and knowledge of the ground lease market, and an unyielding commitment to quality service and maximum value for our clients.
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